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All registration is done in house (for all programs) with the exception of Franci's Group Ex classes and our Pilates program. Please contact fuel directly to register.

Fuel your body, Fuel your mind, and there's no telling how far you may go...............

About Fuel Fitness:

Fuel Fitness is Brooklyn's only premiere specialty fitness center, offering a myriad of fitness and specialty programs for children and adults of all ages.

Fuel Fitness opened in 2003 as an unofficial non-profit fitness center. Owner and CEO Franci Cohen explains "My goal is to offer the very best in fitness without compromise or sacrifice, and to donate profits to worthy charities".

All businesses have to be prudent about funds, because at the end of the day, there needs to be a profit. At Fuel, we are motivated by sheer love of the craft, which trumps all else in importance. As such, all incoming funds go right back into programming (to make them as spectacular as possible), as well as to various charities.

There are many charities that do so much for those in need. If each Fuel Fitness member knows that their program fees are being applied towards charity, my hope is that they may take an interest and get involved in a charity that they deem worthy. My small way of paying it forward, and hopefully spreading charitable behavior for years to come!

Franci's Women's Group Exercise

See Franci's Current Exercise Schedule Here

See Franci's Current Pricing & Packages Here

For over 20 years, Franci has broken the mold, continuously developing out-of-the-box fitness programming, offering excitement and challenge to anyone brave enough to take the plunge! A trendsetter and innovator, Franci is always a step ahead, offering fun and exciting twists to the group ex community, while concocting imaginative and innovative group ex class designs, that morph your body and chisel it to sculpted perfection. By combining her love of science with her passion for fitness and people, Franci stands alone, as a distinctly unique fitness powerhouse. Franci offers a wide array of class formats suitable for the novice and the avid athlete alike.

Women's Aerial/Trapeze

Franci corners the new frontier of fitness with an exclusive series of gravity-defying aerial suspension classes. Want the lean poised and toned body of a dancer coupled with the strength of a bodybuilder, and the power of a world class boxing champ? Choose the class design that's right for you, and experience a unique total body transformation as you move seamlessly through the air and into Franci's Fitness Fly-Zone............

Classes utilize Silks, Hammocks, Static Trapeze, and Lyra.

1.Aerial Athletic Pilates
2.Aerial Yogafly
3.Fantastic Fly-Zone
4.Cardio Aerial ABsolution
5.Multi-apparatus Bootcamp
6.Sequential Aerial Circus

Join us for a class, or book a private group or party of 12-15

Pilates Reformer, Chair, & Cadilac training

See Current Pilates Schedule Here

See Current Pilates Pricing and Packages Here

Our pilates studio offers private, duet, and semi-private pilates reformer, Cadilaac, and chair classes, designed to awaken your core in a way that only pilates can. There is a fundamental rudimentary structure to pilates, where the repetition of movement patterns as well as the precision at which they are performed are the key to successfully achieving the body you desire. Our pilates pros work with clients to achieved one specific goal-sustained core engagement. The stronger your core becomes, the further you can advance in pilates, as you work to chisel your body into fine sculpted perfection! After only a few sessions, you will experience improved physical strength, flexibility, muscle definition, and posture. Individuals are carefully assessed prior to their very first session, and classes are tailored to each individual's unique needs and goals. We also offer Rehabilitative Pilates for post-op clients recovering from recent injury/trauma and/or surgery.

Rock Climbing Cove

Fuel Fitness is proud to offer Brooklyn's only rock climbing cove, where multiple climbers can climb simultaneously and safely without the need for a rope or safety harness. Climbing can be an intimidating new universe. At Fuel, it is fun and exciting from your very first climb! Experience our single and double rotating rock walls that can be fixed at an incline for a greater challenge, or choose to climb a moving wall to really amp up your workout! Adults can scale the walls with their entire body, or focus on developing upper body strength, by pulling the walls down while their feet are grounded. They can also workout while monitoring their training zones, as our walls are outfitted with receivers for heart rate monitors! Our kiddie climbers enjoy competing against others as our walls calculate number of feet climbed! Kids also enjoy climbing games where they climb without using the red grips, or using 2 hands and only 1 leg, and many other fun challenges! All rock climbing is done without the need for ropes or safety harnesses, because our walls rotate and move downward as you scale upward. The climbing is strictly bouldering, with walls under 15 feet high. Additionally, floors are fitted with 2 feet deep of custom padding. Climbing is offered both with or without a climbing coach, for both recreational and sports-specific training purposes.

Mommy & Me (ages 6 months-2 1/2 years)

A fanstastic oppurtunity to bond with your baby, while he or she learns to socialize and interact with other babies as well. Our colorful mini-gym is the perfect place for little ones to explore movement, develop both fine and gross motor skills, refine their pincer grasps, and develop a musical inclination! Music is played during the free play section of all our classes, and each class ends with bubbles and parachute. Our BABY YOGA-FLY class incorporates hanging trapeze hammocks, where both moms and babies can bend, swing, and fly, and develop strength, agility, and balance all while soaring high ready to fly.........Our PEE-WEE PICASSO class is designed for older babies/toddlers. In this class babies will explore art using many different techniques, and learn to color and paint using obscure and innovative as well as traditional drawing/painting mediums. STORYBOOK THEATRE is a great class to cozy up with your baby while exploring age-appropriate storybooks on a larger scale! Books come to life on our big screen theatre, and are read aloud in our dimly-lit reading room. Babies not only learn to love reading, but also begin to speak clearer and develop proper annunciation even at such an early age! ANIMATED MUSIC class is the ultimate party where babies rock and roll with egg shakers, rhythm sticks, and maracas, to all different genres of music. As an added bonus, a surprise costume character makes a special guest appearance each class. If your baby loves Elmo, Barney, and other friendly faves, then this class is a must! If you have a busy toddler who loves movement, them join us for JUMP N' JIVE! This class incorporates guided games and play through the use of individual mini trampolines. Toddlers literally jump n' jive as they follow direction from game to game, and dance and jump to music and disco lights!
*All Mommy & Me classes include hot healthy lunch, and water, diapers, wipes, diaper-changing stations, parking assistance, and other amenities.

Kids Aerial/Trapeze

Industry professionals and long time circus performer veterans of Ringling Bros, Circque Du Soleil, and other traveling circus groups, have found their way to Fuel Fitness, and into the hearts of our members, under the guidance of Franci Cohen. Fun and fitness collide in a variety of circus classes that blend the fluidity of dance with the structure and choreography of circus acrobatics. Children ages 4-18 are guided through the basics of silks, hammocks, static trapeze, or Lyra, and throughout the semester build choreographed routines that they work on to develop strength, stability, and proficiency, until the program's culmination at the end-of-semester aerial circus performance. Unlike any other children's fitness program, our aerial arts offer challenging fitness and acrobatic advancement, as children's minds, confidence, and bodies fly high and soar to newly attained heights!

1) Aerial ABC's
2) Aerial Fly N' Flip
3) Swingmaster Soul
4) Aerial Buddy Bounce
5) Broadway Aerial Dance
6) Aerial Aerobics Party

Karate, Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts

At Fuel Fitness, our experienced and talented team of black belt masters have carefully designed an impressive trifecta children's martial art program, which includes traditional Shotokan Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Kickboxing. Throughout the semester at our karate school, your child's strength will grow both physically and mentally, as he or she learns various elements crucial for both martial arts practice as well as life.

Benefits of martial arts training @Fuel:

- learn self respect/self discipline, self-control, and respect for others
- develop a strong self-confidence
- fosters a life-long appreciation for physical fitness
- reinforce the traditional martial arts values of honesty, courtesy, integrity, and respect
- understand the dangers of strangers, as well as self-defense techniques


Gymnastics at Fuel Fitness

Dance Company (ballet bounce®, pre ballet, jazz, tap, Zumba, hip hop, broadway dance)

At Fuel, we offer young dancers elite training in our state-of-the art studios. Your child will study with today’s leading dance teachers and choreographers with expertise in the dance field of your choice. Whether your child is interested in the grace of ballet, or the awesome moves and grooves of hip-hop, our program delivers the finest experience!

Kids After-School programs

All kids programs offered at fuel, are offered Monday through Thursday during after-school hours, for either a 1 hour or 1 1/2 hour class session. We are always happy to accomodate specific day/time requests. Bring your own group or join an existing class! Bus service is available from most schools (at a modest additional charge). Classes include:

- All classes from our Aerial Trapeze line-up
- Karate/Martial Arts
- Kickboxing Fitness
- Urban Bounce
- All classes from our Dance Company
- Edible Endeavors (art class)
- Advanced Culinary Creations (baking)
- All Sports
- Rock Climbing Classes & open-climb sessions and much much more.............

Sunday In-house Circus Program (Kids 4-12 years)

Our Sunday In-House Circus program is a fun melting pot, where children enjoy a unique variety of fun and fitness. Outfitted with the industry's top notch instructors, the day is broken down into mini-sessions that may include:

- rock climbing
- aerial arts (static and low-flying trapeze, Lyra, silks, hammocks)
- rhythmic gymnastics
- trampoline camp
- art adventures
- all sports
- dance
- karate
- snack n chat time

We offer convenient curbside drop-off and pick-up with our licensed security guard, that will happily walk your child to and from your car, eliminating the need to park. Groups are divided by age and gender, and the program is offered for all children ages 4-12 years of age.

Sunday NYC Culture Club (Kids 4-12 years)

New York City is one of the largest cities in the world and at its core is Manhattan, a labyrinth of streets lined with iconic buildings and landmarks, including the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Central Park. Music, dance, theatre, art, books, film, fashion and TV - NYC has it all! At Fuel Fitness we create memorable interactive trips that fuse culture and creativity, to guarantee your child experiences the very best that NYC has to offer-with an added twist from your innovative friends at Fuel! Groups are divided by both gender and age, and our Sunday NYC Culture Club is open to all children ages 6-13 years old.

Birthday Parties

Have your child's next party in our colorful, clean, and friendly facility. Choose from an endless array of themes and variations that we will customize, to give you the most unique, enjoyable, and most memorable party ever!
From planning to execution, let our birthday party manager and Fuel Fitness' party staff bring your child’s dream party to reality.Our experts do all the work so you can relax and celebrate with your child, family and friends.

At Fuel Fitness, your party is always absolutely amazing, and hassle-free. Let us do the work, while you can have your cake and eat it too!

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